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Economic Development Services

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Economic Development Services

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Economic Development:

  • The retention and expansion of local industry by assisting them to improve competitiveness and efficient operation with introductions to new - means of financing, technological improvements, sources of qualified employees, and applicable training resources.

  • The recruitment of new companies through the marketing and promotion of Taunton as a City that is business receptive with available property and services for industrial growth.
  • The research and maintenance of an inventory of available land and existing space.
  • The development of, or participation in, marketing programs.
  • The establishment of business outreach programs directly, or in conjunction with existing organizations, such as the Taunton Development Corporation, Taunton Area Chamber of Commerce, Heart of Taunton, The Neighborhood Corporation, etc. 

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If you are interested in starting or expanding a business in the Taunton area and need information on available property or buildings Click Here for our inquiry form, or contact our office at (508) 230-4152 or info@tauntonmass.us



If you have questions or to obtain a survey, please call the Taunton Development Corporation at 508-824-5857 or e-mail info@tauntondevelopment.org


For employee sourcing or job search assistance, contact the Taunton Career Center at (508)-977-1400.



Taunton Suppliers, Services and Contractors


Taunton Development Corporation

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Taunton Development Corporation


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